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Automated Artwork Conversion For Tablet Publishing

Publish your dynamic iPad magazine easily with new Indesign Tablet Publishing Plugin

Our InDesign tablet publishing service is fully inclusive, from design right the way through to sign up on Apple Newsstand and Google Marketplace – we’re there to support you.

There are 60 million+ iPad & Android tablets out there with tablet computer sales expected to nearly double this year, according to Gartner.

If you are not on this new medium and want to get there quickly, StorePoint can take you there, with the right delivery and at the right price.

Why not publish your dynamic iPad magazine easily with our new Indesign Tablet Publishing Plugin and transform your digital asset? Call us on 020 8614 4944 for Free Demo Now!

StorePoint’s Tablet Publishing Solution uses Mag+ as it is the fastest and most versatile way of publishing your InDesign content to create engaging “digital editions” for viewing on iPad & Android tablets.

Once you supply us with your artwork we then create the right publication, with the right level of interactivity, website linking and rich media content to offer your users a great reading experience.

We can enrich the original content with “Web 2.0″ features such as embedding web pages, video or audio. Using HTML5 technology we can even embed interactive elements such as forms, slideshows, banners and more.

Publish magazines, books or catalogues to iPad and Android tablets is easy and fast. Update it whenever you need to – even every day” (based on Subscription choice)

Deliver real-time content from your website, integrate rich media content, including Facebook and Twitter social media links to help increase customer engagement.

Data capture; the Mag+ platform includes support for detailed analytics with full user “travelship” so that you can see exactly what your readers are doing with push and pull of data for real customer engagement.

Download mag+ reviewer for your ipad, iphone, kindlefire and android.

Content Production, the process: Supply us your InDesign files and we will produce a “Proof-Of-Concept” design, allowing you to fully test the tablet experience prior to going LIVE with your publication.

FAQs about iPad & Android tablet publishing

Why tablet publishing?
We have seen Tablet sales go through the roof. iPad is number one but you now have KindleFire, Blackberry Playbook, Microsoft Surface  and Googles new Nexus 7 the reach and scale of tablets is now comparable to printed magazine. According to Kantar Media Custom App advertising is more effective than print.  (

Why tablet publishing will become more dominant?
68.7M iPads sold worldwide at the end of 2011
( As tablet sales are increasing, and overtaking laptop sales, this is becoming the newest media of choice for readers of magazines, prospectuses, catalogues, brochures and more.

What does it cost to sell my Magazine on iTunes and Google?
Apple and Google take 30% of sell price on any paid subscription.

Are there any rules for authoring to tablet such as content restrictions and publishing guidelines?
Apple and Google vet all content and in the case of Apple, they decide if you can publish and there is an approval process.

Can I remove my publication?
Yes any time you like you can cease publishing.

Who can see my App?
Anyone who has an iTunes account or a Google Play account.

What if my Publication is UK only, can I restrict who can see it?
If you are UK only, the App will be on the UK app store and Google Play but it is searchable so it can be found anywhere in the world.

Can I restrict content by log-on to the app?
Yes, by building the app with both off line and online content, you can restrict how users view your content.

Online and off line use of my publication, what is the difference?
We can embed web sites and link to online data. There is also an offline offering where a shopping cart can be added and things like wish lists and user requests can be recorded.

Do we need to send InDesign files only, or can we send you other formats?
We use Mag+ to create your app, and this only works with InDesign, although you can send us other file formats plus the relevant content, and we can bring these into InDesign to create your app.

How do I deliver privately?
There are several options for delivering privately, the best option is to call or email StorePoint with your questions.

How many readers can I expect?
On average each tablet is shared by 3 people and there are 12m in the uk and over 127m world wide so the potential readership is over 300m world wide.

How do I capture reader information?
By building forms and call-to-action within your tablet publication and driving users to your web site, their information can be easily gathered. The key is to make really good reader offers and to offer incentives on the page and on your web site. By adding Analytic, travel-ship and click throughs are now recorded and at a personal level;  once the users have subscribed.


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